River Green Oval 6 Marketing Center

Project Description

This project is a 3 storey presentation center with a roof top patio, nestled between the Richmond Speed Skating Oval and the Fraser River.  Three “Y” columns support the east entrance, with the intent being to create a “Heavy Bridge Girder” look supporting a wide open covered entrance.  The curved roof connects to a center concrete tower core, resting on a sloped glass curtain wall at the outside.  The challenge was to design a steel system supporting glass curtain wall on all outside walls and to develop a structure that provides the minimum deflection.

To achieve this, heavy members and high connection forces were used.  A heavy 33 inch deep beam cantilevers out on one corner to support a large viewing deck which is free of posts and obstructions below.  The feature stair has open plate treads which are capped with thick maple, set in from the sides.  The “X” Steel detailing software was vital to insure an accurate fit of all the compound angled and sloped connections.  The concrete work was built to very tight tolerances, which allowed the installation process to go very smoothly for a successful and timely erection project.