We are structural steel fabricators serving the construction industry in Abbotsford and the entire Fraser Valley. Our decades of expertise allow us to specialize in complex and challenging projects. Our reputation for transparency and integrity allows us to enjoy positive and enduring relationships with our clients.


The hallmark of steel is the structural integrity it provides to the spaces we all rely on. And that’s exactly what the hallmark of Clearbrook Iron Works is: integrity. Since 1956, when we originally opened as a railing shop, we have contributed to enduring developments in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley. Structure by structure, relationship by relationship, we are committed to building our community.


Our steel fabrication solutions include:

  • Commercial, institutional, residential, and high-rise construction
  • Tilt-ups: supplying and installing structural steel, open web steel joists and metal decking
  • Complete steel building construction
  • Offices and commercial spaces
  • Miscellaneous metals for all

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What Our Reputation Is Built On



When other steel fabricators cannot pull off a job due to its complexity, Clearbrook Iron Works is ready and able to go to work. 85% of our business is allocated towards large projects with higher stakes and serious technical demands. Yet we still make time for smaller-scale unique custom jobs that require an expert touch.


Creative Solutions

Above all else, we are in the problem-solving business. Our service-oriented approach means we delight in finding innovative solutions for our client’s needs, whatever they might be. Whether our client is facing a complex technical challenge or a strict budget, we will find a way to get the job done.



To remain in business for over half a century, you must earn the trust of your community and clients. The larger part of our clientele is repeat business; builders who often skip the bid process because they know exactly who they want to work with.



There are no unpleasant surprises when you do business with Clearbrook Iron Works. Our estimators work hard to account for all costs fairly. Where other fabricators might present deceptively low estimates and then charge for all the “extras” at the close of a job, we set expectations appropriately.